Squamish Maple Renovation

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Squamish Maple Residence and Carriage Home

Presenting a prime opportunity for rental income, this property is meticulously designed to maximize its investment potential. While initially equipped with a basement suite in the main house, our comprehensive renovations extended beyond the interior, encompassing a complete exterior transformation. A noteworthy addition to the property is the beautifully crafted carriage house in the backyard. Embracing a modern aesthetic, we opted for sleek black metal siding, creating a striking contrast with the more timeless white board and batten siding adorning the main house. This thoughtful combination enhances the visual appeal of both structures, contributing to a harmonious and well-balanced architectural composition.


Steric Developments Maple Residence Carriage Home Image

Carriage Home

Exquisitely designed by Caila Jesse Designs, this carriage house exemplifies a perfect blend of form and function. Emphasizing practicality for the local climate, the structure boasts an abundance of covered deck space, addressing the need for shelter in the rainy weather. Offering a spacious garage, two bedrooms, and an open upper living area, the carriage house is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. To complement its modern design, we opted for a distinctive black metal siding, accentuated by white-washed wood soffit and a sophisticated grey stone fireplace. This thoughtful combination contributes to the overall allure of the carriage house, making it a standout feature in both design and functionality.


Carriage Kitchen

In line with the overarching theme of the property, we seamlessly integrated an anthracite kitchen from Ikea that harmonizes with the exterior aesthetics. A distinctive feature is the extension of the soffit from the exterior to the interior ceiling, creating a cohesive visual flow. This design choice not only aligns with the property’s theme but also imparts a warming effect within the living room, accentuated by its vaulted roofline. The careful integration of interior and exterior elements enhances the overall continuity and appeal of this thoughtfully curated living space.

Steric Developments Squamish Maple Residence Carriage House Kitchen renovation Image
Steric Developments Squamish Maple Residence Carriage Home Exterior Deck Area Image

Carriage Undercover Deck

Adding to the allure of the carriage house, the upper deck stands out as a notable and versatile feature usable in both winter and summer. To ensure year-round comfort, we strategically installed electric heaters, creating an inviting environment regardless of the season. To seamlessly integrate the design, we adorned the beams and skylights with soffit provided by Fisher Coatings. This thoughtful approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also underscores our commitment to both functionality and style, making the upper deck a welcoming and enjoyable space throughout the entire year.


Main House suite kitchen

Enhancing the flow and luminosity of the living space, we removed a partitioning wall that separated the kitchen from the living room, replacing it with a substantial beam. This transformation significantly increased the influx of natural light into the kitchen, creating a more open and inviting atmosphere. Adopting a bright and light color palette from Ikea for the kitchen, we achieved a harmonious aesthetic that complements the design intent. Carefully selecting flooring that closely matches the lower cabinets contributes to the overall coherence of the space, resulting in a seamless and visually pleasing integration between the kitchen and living room.

Steric Developments Wescott Residence Living Room
Steric Developments Wescott Residence Guest Bathroom Image


In our renovation of the suite bathroom, we implemented a comprehensive upgrade encompassing new tile, fixtures, and lighting. Faced with an unconventional sink area that posed challenges for a standard vanity, we opted for a distinctive and unique solution. Incorporating a live edge wood slab sourced from Vancity Live Edge, we crafted a bespoke space featuring a vessel sink and a wall-mounted faucet. The result is a visually stunning and functional bathroom that showcases a creative blend of natural elements, reflecting our commitment to innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship.

Carriage house bathRoom


With the aim of enhancing the spacious and bright ambiance of the carriage house bathroom, we employed a strategic design approach. The floor was adorned with large-format tile from Fontile, contributing to an open and expansive feel. The walls were covered with 12×36 white tile, further maximizing the brightness and visual appeal of the space. To ensure both style and functionality, the vanity was carefully selected to provide ample drawer space, creating a balanced and well-appointed bathroom environment.


Steric Developments Maple Residence Bathroom Image
Steric Developments Squamish Maple Residence Guest Suite Image

Main house living room

This view offers a captivating perspective of the living room area, showcasing the impactful beam we introduced to seamlessly open up the kitchen. The flooring, a glue-down engineered hardwood sourced from Ethical Flooring, adds a touch of elegance to the space. Known for its quality and aesthetic appeal, Ethical Flooring’s engineered hardwood is a choice we’ve employed previously, reflecting our confidence in its durability and overall visual appeal. The result is a living room that combines both structural ingenuity and timeless design elements.

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