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Squamish Carriage House

The outside of this Squamish carriage house has some really cool roof lines. The living room ceiling the same soffit material is under the roof and also we decided to use it as an accent around the front door area. The siding is a hardy panel that gives it a fairly modern look. The weather was too cold to paint when completed but once warm enough the intention was to paint it a darker charcoal colour to contrast the wood and to match fairly closely to the black windows.


Squamish Carriage House Kitchen Image


Since this carriage house is located in Squamish we wanted to do something a bit different to give it a more natural feel. Instead of doing a typical drywalled ceiling we chose to continue the soffit material on the outside and bring it all the way through the living room and kitchen area. We used a 1×4 knotty pine material that was stained by Fisher Coatings here in Squamish. The pine has a decent amount of black in it which goes well with the LED lights and the kitchen.



We really liked the Anthacite cabinets from IKEA but didn’t want the kitchen to be all black so decided on the white uppers. Its a nice contrast and doesn’t make the space feel too dark. The backsplash tile is a subway tile from Ames Tile and has a slight variation to it which is cool and is a very light grey so gives it a warm feel.


Squamish Carriage House Kitchen Hero Image
Squamish Carriage House Kitchen Image 3


A really cool feature of the Squamish carriage home is the Glulam beam that runs all the way through the living room from wall to wall. It has very similar features to the soffit so the two work great together. We chose to go with a black countertop but wanted it to have some character and not all black so we went with BQ5300 from DMK Stone which has a little brown and also small white veining in it.



The carriage house is a split level design with the bedroom on the ground floor and the kitchen, living room and bathroom areas up top. We went with a vinyl plank from Armstrong for the floor supplied by Ethical Flooring which is very durable but gives a real hardwood feel. The linear fireplace in the living room is the Enviro C34 which provides tons of heat for the space and is remotely controlled.

Squamish Carriage House Living Room Image
Squamish Carriage House Bathroom Image


The bathroom is really quite big and the shower is really spacious. We had enough room so we didn’t have a need for a door so you can just walk right in to the shower. The big format tile was supplied from Ames Tile and has really cool variation to it which matches the vanity really well. The floor tile is a lighter colour to try and brighten up the bathroom and comes in an 8×48″ size which is not standard and almost looks like the flooring in the living room.

FRONT entry

A closer look at the front entrance area shows the screws used to fasten the hardy panel and the detail in the wood that wraps around the door and the corner.


Squamish Carriage House Exterior Front Door Image
Want a closer look?



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